• godfrey pitt

Bag a bumble bee with a burst!

Something I find very useful when trying to capture images of a small, fast moving creature like a bee is the burst mode on my Samsung Galaxy S8+.

You know how frustrating it is to press the shutter button on your phone and in the second or so it takes to focus and take the photo, the subject has buzzed off. If you have a burst mode on your phone, use that. It takes a machine gun like amount of pictures, allowing you the possibility of capturing the beastie before it buzzes off.

Check your phone for this feature, if it has it, give it a go. If it doesn't, well, it wont be long before your next upgrade...

One word of warning, you can fill your memory up very quickly so be careful to delete all the unwanted images, keeping only the best.

The photos below were taken with my phone this afternoon.






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