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Photography from a distance!

I was pleased to get a Balcony Photographer pass to take photos of the Amir Khan fight at the Birmingham Arena, as well as the undercard, as part of the BHBN Sports team. My partner Kym was also there for the BHBN Sports team as a reporter. On arrival we took up our designated places. I was stationed, along with other photographers, at the far corner of the arena, to take photographs. Kym was making notes to record a report for broadcasting on the radio so she was seated 5 rows from ringside! Now I don't know who organises these things but they must take delight in placing photographers in the most difficult place to get images.

I didn't expect a ringside position, although that would have been nice, as I know these positions are reserved for the great and the good of fleet street, but just slightly closer...

I did get some images but the combination of low lighting, high ISO and distance makes them somewhat lacking from what I would have liked. Still, here are a few.

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