Who I Am.

Some time ago I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful 9 year old little boy called William. He was born with multiple disabilities, he couldn't speak and he communicated with a few visual cards and sign language. However, his personality was infectious and he had great enjoyment in his life. As a photographer I wanted to create a composite portrait, without any pictures of him in it. The intention was to show the normalisation of his life as just a little boy, without seeing the disability first. 

The final installation I made for him had all the images suspended as a mobile, with mirrors on the back of each photograph.


It created a visually stimulating decoration for his room whilst having a deeper meaning for visitors looking at it. By viewing images of his life, observing the image rotate and then seeing at yourself in a mirror, it was the intention to stimulate the thought "There but for the grace of God go I"


© 2020 by Godfrey Pitt